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  • Hey I’m learning loads on Qubit’s and binary and I’m still trying to figure out hexadecimal been playing the game that links me to this website I’m keen to learn more

  • Hello how are y’all doing. My name is Ashton King and I am currently in my first year pursuing an eventual Doctorate’s in Computer science. Don’t worry this isn’t a resume I wanted to say great work on the binary app. I’m addicted and am learning a lot. Keep up the great work.
    P.S. I never had a binary watch and Christmas is coming up. If y’all happen to feel in the Christmas spirit my address is 3616 S Adams St fort Worth Texas 76110 just saying. Have a great holidays.

    • Many thanks for the feedback and all the best wishes for you!
      We’ll need talk to Santa about the watch 😉
      Cheers – Thomas

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